The Birth of Unisijs : A New Magical Frontier Part 1

From war to a new home!

Many of the nations of earth’s past were founded in simple ways. Others, however, were founded by the force of shield, sword, and gun alike. Unisijs is no different.

For many centuries, they have lived along side humans. They have worked, molded, and some have even led countries and civilizations on earth but have often been regarded as legends, myths, and bedtime stories for kids. Any thought to them actually existing led to both panic and excitement as humanity continues to struggle through its mixed feeling about the creatures they love to hate and love. Eric Teal, the man who broke the silence for all “supernatural “ beings. On July 21, 2026, all major news and social media sites were hacked and linked to his own. After being caught on camera before and no longer being able to hide, Eric decided to reveal to the world that humans are not alone, that both their fantasies and nightmares were real. That they were not just figments of the human imagination.“We’re Here Too!” sparked a fire that couldn’t be tamed. Humanity always worried about aliens but took no mention to the vampires, werewolves and cats that lurk about. Until now.

At first, they were celebrated and welcome by most of the world. These beings; wanting to be called “The Enchanted”, were thrust into society’s limelight and godlike status that comes with being the center of attention. However, it soon became apparent to humans that “The Enchanted” didn’t come out of hiding for the sake and entertainment of humanity. They came out because they wanted to live without the fear of being persecuted,killed, or experimented on.Many compassionate humans stood by their side and fought for them to have the rights that humans have. Unfortunately, greed and control led to both religious and government authorities having them declared as “less thans” and “mixed breeds” and therefore not allowed to have their own rights. Trying to make sure that “supernatural “ beings weren’t praised as gods by those who were on their side, many of the known advocates and defenders were silenced or killed. Smear campaigns were run by religious leaders, claiming God was against their existence and that these beings should fear him. Little did they know that these beings both praised, loved and feared God right along side humans. Humanity’s leaders preached of war, predication, and any other propaganda they could use to whip human citizens into a frenzy. Some of the old hunters organizations of the old times rose from the depths of slumber. Witch hunters, vampire hunters, werewolf hunters and others rallied behind the government and religious leaders for one of the very few times in history teamed up to wipe out and completely control the beings who have helped humans survive on many occasions.Many of the supporters of “The Enchanted”, starting going missing and turning up dead, leaving them feeling alone and on their own. With no other choice, “The Enchanted” accepted the declaration of war. Unlike humans, they didn’t need weapons either. Not even witches. Humanity realized that engaging in war with them was a huge mistake. Billions of people down to hundreds of thousands in the span of a year, lost to the power of “The Enchanted”s might.

Fearing a complete wipeout, the remaining humans signed a treaty to end the war and rebuild what they could. But this treaty was like a band aide on a bullet wound, thin and useless. Fearing another war breaking out, the few humans that were against the racism and wanted to help them and “The Enchanted” themselves came up with a plan . While the others would fight and argue, they would search for a new home, a place where both humans and “The Enchanted” could live without worrying about war or racism. At first, their plans were delayed by those working against them finding out what they were up to. President James Nolvine, upon hearing the plans, told the military to destroy every single space craft to make sure “The Enchanted” or their helpers couldn’t get their hands on them. He didn’t want to give up what power he thought humanity had over them. One witch, Kayla Hurn, chose to risk her life and teleport the last spaceship humanity had to a safe location; securing a way out for “The Enchanted” and their helpers. As careful as she was, the theft didn’t go unnoticed for long. President Nolvine, outraged, ordered air strikes on any and all places he thought they would be hiding. However, within the month it took for the missing craft to be noticed, a new home was found by the outcasts, the struggling planet of Hektu. In exchange for helping the last survivors, the outcasts got a new home. Gathering all the supplies, technology, animals, and anything else they felt was valuable, they left the home they’ve always known to it’s own destruction.